Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, A Take on Leadership Changes

Taking the reins at one of the largest and most influential companies in history is an undoubtedly daunting assignment. Following in the footsteps of one of the most important figures in modern history only adds to the challenge. Satya Nadella, the man tabbed for taking Microsoft into a new era of influence and prosperity as CEO, brings a wealth of experience, a uniquely international perspective, and a leadership style that will be tested as he commands an employee base of over 100,000 professionals.
This transfer of leadership comes at a time when Microsoft faces challenges unlike any in the company’s storied history. With new avenues spawned from; a diverse array of tech platforms, the ever-expanding wireless and mobile markets continuing to explode across the marketplace, and a recent history of playing catch-up to other Silicon Valley upstarts, Nadella looks to carve out a bigger slice of market share for Microsoft with a fresh, new leadership style.


Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Leading Through Change: Effective Leadership during Times of Transformation

Change is good…except when it’s bad. One of the most relied upon adages in any endeavor is that at some time things will change. Oftentimes change is visited upon a company by unforeseen outside influences; a market contraction, an event that disrupts the supply chain, or the sudden departure of valuable talent. Other times, change within an organization can come voluntarily, as a necessary means for survival or to move in a direction that will bring future prosperity and a strengthened position within a market. In either case, leadership during a time of transformation will make the difference between a successful shift and a disastrous one.
Quality leadership requires managers who are not only prepared and adept at handling matters during the sublime, but leaders who are agile and composed enough to navigate through turbulence. The keys to effective management during times of transformation are varied, with each leadership trait playing a critical role in the effective stewardship of the company through the turmoil of change. To ensure your company has what it takes to survive and even thrive through the adversity that transformation can bring, pay diligent attention to a few crucial leadership attributes that will serve you well and lead your company back to a more serene environment.


Friday, March 21, 2014

2014 HR Trends: Invest in your Employees

As the tide continues to turn and the economy steadily (if sluggishly) rebounds from a historically trying recession, the outlook for most companies shifts toward efforts that will ensure their ability to take advantage of a more fruitful marketplace. One of the most important avenues to pursue involves training and an overall initiative of investing in employees. While the potential array of investment strategies varies based on industry and other factors specific to certain enterprises, 2014 is a time in which investing in the development of employees serves as an invaluable tool for prosperity going forward. Three of the most important factors employee training investment can affect are business efficiency, retention of employees and overall cost-effectiveness.