Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ReVolve newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of our new ReVolve newsletter. In each edition, we plan to bring you industry relevant information, in the form of white papers, case studies, book reviews, or just

ReVolve newsletter provides information centering on 360s in the form of:

- Case Studies
- Thoughts & Opinions
- 360 Trends
- White Papers
- Book Reviews
- Coaching Perspectives
- 360 Product information
- Product/Service Offers
interesting trends and random tidbits that we feel will bring value to your inbox.

To launch the first issue, Dr. Daniel J. Booth speaks to the importance of 360s in today's marketplace.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feedback for the Boss From All Sides

Feedback for the Boss From All Sides
New York Times - United States
By PAUL B. BROWN The theory behind 360-degree feedback is simple: By having supervisors, subordinates, co-workers and even customers comment about their ...
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